Get Involved

PIN is always in need of people who are willing to volunteer. PIN has a lot of different jobs that will both help the homeless and give you a way to give back to your community. PIN also provides health care through volunteer medical professionals. If you are a medical professional and would like to volunteer please email Jeanne McKay



The Third Phase of Homelessness: Lifer

I used the word “Lifer” for this phase because when people get here they now identify with being homeless full-time. This is when people are quoted saying, “I want to be homeless.” It’s not that they want to be homeless, but it has become their identity. The same thing happens to people who have been incarcerated for a long time. They become institutional. This person on the outside appears to be satisfied being homeless; however, that is only because of an incorrect identity. This person is the hardest to change because just getting them into housing is really not going to change their identity. I remember one guy who got a place to live was sleeping on the grass in front of the building...