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PIN is always in need of people who are willing to volunteer. PIN has a lot of different jobs that will both help the homeless and give you a way to give back to your community. PIN also provides health care through volunteer medical professionals. If you are a medical professional and would like to volunteer please email Jeanne McKay



Things You Don’t Know About Homeless: Stuck In Poverty

13157844_sSo I would like to start this blog post with a brief history lesson on the history of the American Welfare System. As a response to the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt created the New Deal in the mid 30’s, which was relief for the unemployed and poor. Our current welfare system, which we know today, dates back to the mid 60’s and “The War on Poverty.” The War on Poverty is the unofficial name of the Economic Opportunity Act. The purpose of this post is not to make a debate over the American Welfare System; however, I would like to spend a little time dealing with the impact that this system has in the life of people, as it is now 50 years old. We now have families who are three...