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PillarHousingMobile Homes

Mobile HomesIn January of 2007, PIN purchased and rehabbed a mobile home which we used to get a family off the street. PIN now owns three mobile homes. PIN has had success taking families who would otherwise be on the street and helping getting them into a safe environment.

City Leased Houses

Housing OpportunitiesPIN currently leases two houses from the City of Virginia Beach that we use to get families off of the street. The residents of these houses are required to meet the same criteria as the residents of the mobile homes.


PIN requires the families to follow the criteria below:

  • Create and maintain a budget
  • Meet with a representative of PIN twice a month
  • Submit to random housing inspections.
  • Submit to random drug tests

PIN has found that by using the accountability above, we have been able to help families thrive. Check out one of one family’s story below.