Our 4 Pillars

Lift and
those in need

The Four Pillars are the primary components in which PiN Ministry has established to help lift up and support our community. 

The pillars stand on a solid, Christ Foundation.

Medical Pillar

In our newly expanded Medical Clinic at PiN’s headquarters off Birdneck Road, we are able to provide much-needed medical care to the homeless in our community.  

Housing Pillar

PiN’s transitional housing program takes the homeless from living on the streets to self-sufficiency. Our housing program involves so much more than providing a place to live. 

Training Pillar

PiN’s Training Pillar is centered around our results-proven practical training program, ChangeMakers.  The ChangeMakers program enables those that are homeless to gain employment.   

Recovery Pillar

PiN provides drug, alcohol, anger and co-dependency recovery programs for the homeless here in Coastal Virginia, utilizing the Celebrate Recovery program. It’s a Christ based step program that touches on, not just drug and alcohol addiction,  but compulsions that cause unhealthy outcomes.