It is more
blessed to give
than to receive

Are you part of an official church, business, or civic group? 

Small Groups are scheduled in advance to serve and for work party’s and helping with essential services.

This is a great starting point for your members to get involved. Contact 

Brittany.walker@pinministry.org for more information.


Volunteer as a Group


Volunteer as an

We have opportunities to a serve at the PiN Ministry Center throughout the week during our Essential Services. Up to six volunteers serve by helping the homeless get clothing and hygiene supplies, organizing shower and laundry times, giving haircuts, or maybe just sitting down and having a conversation over a cup of coffee. 

Our new ministry model means direct interaction with homeless individuals as you walk and talk with them. Serving here gives us the opportunity to smile at someone that needs it, hug someone when we can, and love someone because of who we are really serving. 

If you would like take part in the mission, we would love to have you sign up here.

Minors and Children

Because PiN is very much a street level ministry, the interaction now is very personal, one-on-one, and it can be gritty at times.  We do try to create opportunities for children, but this is not always a ‘kid-friendly’ time for younger ones to serve.  Those 18 and older are preferred; however, older teens are a great fit and are welcome with their parents. 


Sign-Up Now

Thank you for having the heart to serve. PiN Ministry is a deeply Christ-centered organization with a focus on loving people that have found themselves homeless or among the poorest of the poor.

PiN operates on the front lines of local missions. We have been called to love God and to love People (Matthew 22:37-40) and feel strongly that we must approach that calling with great humility (Philippians 2:3).

If you agree with us, we would love you to join the mission!